Here at RSN we are passionate about live music and we love nothing more than to work alongside musicians, venue owners and events teams to create and promote amazing live music events.

Promotional services

Band Reviews and Interviews

Are you in a band and looking for a review of a new release, maybe a new single, or you have an exciting event coming up? Let us know about it and we will be happy to share it amongst our following.

Music Blogs

Our music blogs feature guest articles and focus on all the amazing things happening within the live music scene. We are always open to hearing what you have to say, so if you have something you would like us to publish don’t hesitate and get in contact!


This is a new service that we will be launching. We will be inviting bands to join us in a studio environment to perform a selection of tracks. These will be video recorded, mixed and released across our social media platforms. We will also be interviewing the bands before performances to give them a chance to explain what their music is all about.



We are so grateful to all the amazing musicians, venue owners and events teams that make up our business. We are proud to work alongside you and enjoy the vast amounts of music we get to be a part of. You all work extremely hard to keep the live music scene running with a relentless passion and we will keep promoting and creating fantastic events all the while you are delivering top class performances.

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Without the help from charitable organisations we would not be where we are today. We believe that it is important to keep this cycle going, and we have launched placement schemes to help students that are looking to enter into the creative industries. This gives them to chance to learn and practice various skills, from editing music videos, writing blogs, interviewing bands, website design and so on.

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Sam Simmons

RSN Founder


Sam Simmons is a musician from Kent. He started RSN with an ambition and passion to support the live music scene wherever possible.