Jonah Hitchens - ARTIST OF THE WEEK

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Jonah Hitchens is a young musician with an old-school Jazz style that’s sophisticated beyond his years. Home grown in “a place near Exeter”, his youth was spent jamming to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin - but it wasn’t long before he swapped covers for creation. His primary school years were focused less on schoolwork and more on song writing, eager to establish his own musical voice. Now, heavily influenced by his recent studies in Jazz, Hitchens has crafted a unique, soul-infused sound that could be likened to a fusion of Jason Mraz, Leon Bridges and Frank Ocean.

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His new EP ‘Floating’ blends the sound of a slow, cosy, Sunday morning (‘Just the Simple Things/Ballad’) with foot-tapping, sun-kissed, pop soul (‘Let Love Guide You/The Island’). Describing it as a conceptual EP, Jonah’s perception of ‘floating’ is embodied by the laidback, immersive quality to many of the tracks and his contemplation of “the way the mind moves”. Inspired by the idea that our thoughts can be “uncontrollable and sometimes directionless”, this EP emanates the feathery-lightness of a daydream interwoven with romance.

 The final track on the EP, ‘The Island’, is the catchiest and most lively of the collection. A satisfying brew of smooth vocals and groovy guitar licks, let this be the soundtrack to your summer afternoon - drink in hand. Perhaps a nod to his childhood by the sea, this song definitely evokes visions of road trips to sandy beaches. Swirls of jazzy melodies and funky bass give this track an infectious, hip-swaying rhythm that would have even the most reluctant listener bopping along. As a conclusion to the EP, ‘The Island’ leaves us feeling warm, content and wanting to hear more.

 Within the next month, Jonah and his band will be performing the EP via a live YouTube session and releasing the live album on Spotify and iTunes. Be sure to follow ‘Jonah Hitchens Official’ on Facebook for more information, plus gig updates throughout the Summer!

Author: Sian Williams


Kelly Stanley & Company - ARTIST OF THE WEEK

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Stunning. You’ll have to look for some time to find a tighter trio than Kelly Stanley & Company”  – Casey Heyburn BBC Radio Kent

Described as ‘Spellbinding’, Kelly Stanley is not your average Singer/Songwriter. Armed with a passionate and skilled voice, Kelly captures the listener as she questions what it is to be human in this world. 

Kelly began her career in music at the young age of 11, writing, playing and performing at a vast array of venues, from local pubs and clubs to the Portsmouth Guildhall and London’s Ministry of Sound. Many years working the circuit provided invaluable experience and time to grow and explore musically, as well as multiple appearances in the press and both national and nationwide television.

 Now performing as Kelly Stanley & Company,  Kelly is joined by some great talent; including Joe Millgate on Double Bass and Liz Ost on Cello. These new layers of instrumentation further enhance Kelly's catalogue of sincere songs, with subtle nuances and emotional drive. The group perform throughout Kent at a variety of venues including the infamous Music Room at Pizza Express and the yearly Rochester Sweeps Festival. Together their fusion of artistry and passion for  music make Kelly Stanley & Company a very special act.

Kelly’s latest release “A Way To Be” showcases a selection of songs that explore life through melody and emotion. Each track captures real heart thanks to the skill and passion of the players, whilst simultaneously transversing complicated matters of the mind, body and soul.


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harico. have burst onto the Birmingham scene with wide influence and a honed dynamic and are turning heads wherever they play. Three flatmates at the University of Birmingham began noodling over demos as soon as they met, and quickly developed a loyal following gigging locally after adding an astrophysicist drummer to the ranks. Their sideways approach to indie music has drawn comparisons to the art rock of Everything Everything with the new wave sensibilities of Depeche Mode and a disco streak that the Bee Gees wouldn’t be ashamed of. Their first EP release with support from MAS records, Bloodline, was met with acclaim and excitement for what the group have in store and earnt them a prestigious slot on the New Street Records roster.

Falsetto vocals, driving bass and dizzying synthesizers are taking harico. in a fresh direction on Curl, and with sophisticated song writing to boot Curl promises to push the guys to the next level, with refined production from New Street’s producer Matt Haddon. Their first release with New Street Records is a tantalising hors d'oeuvre of things to come as harico. look to build on their formidable live reputation with a series of releases. Curl takes an introspective and honest look at individuals making sense of a chaotic and uncertain time for the world, and how we need to overcome the natural ‘cover your eyes and hold your nose’ approach to deal with the problems leaving our world on a knife-edge.

Following the release, harico. have a busy summer planned with slots at ValeFest and Door2Door Festival and plan to get back into the studio as soon as possible.


“ I’m just a lost & lonely soul”

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Aid Lewis is a critically acclaimed singer & songwriter from Kent, UK, deeply rooted in the richness of his words of love, truth & Hope.

“Through travel come stories, And through listening comes truth”.

Aid is not afraid to comment on society , and encourages his audience to get lost in the music as well as the moment which has proven to be successful with such a wide demographic that is his fan-base and audience.

“ My brothers & Sisters , Oh! Inflict us with your love”

Aid Lewis recently performed his track "Be You" in a studio session with us earlier this month. His writing and performance are just so inspiring!


The debut album ‘ Empathy & Ecstasy’ tells a story of life’s experiences , that are blissfully and, at time, painfully relatable. The album touches on the joys of love and passion, heartache, laughter, as well as the world in it’s current state. Working closely with Matt Walters at Quince Studios who has worked with just jack, Boy George, Sony and Universal it was no wonder both Aid & Matt brought alive those bedroom songs that were collecting dust and polished them into something that had a huge response and have impacted peoples lives around the world creating hope and a different understanding.

Touring the album last year 2018 Aid started with a full 7 piece band working with some of the best musicians in the industry from all around the world. Filling rooms , Churches , Halls all around Kent, UK.


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Harry Evans is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Kent. Working with his four-piece band, they have travelled all over the country playing their unique blend of synth pop and indie rock. Heavily inspired by the sounds of the 80s, particularly artists such as David Bowie and Prince, as well as drawing influences from current bands, such as the Pale Waves, St Lucia, and CHVRCHES, the band easily slot into any of your summer playlists.

 Supported by three Ep’s released, as well as riding the wave of their new single, on stage is where Harry Evans and his band find themselves most at home. With a highly energetic live show, and songs easily blending between outright 80s power-pop and synth based indie and alternative tracks, it’s easy to see where the act’s popularity is rising from, become quite accustomed to the London club and small festival circuits around the country.

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 Harry Evans deserves a top spot as our AOTW as his latest single “Where She Falls” is another release that fails to do anything but impress. Catchy vocal hooks, creative guitar licks and alternative 80’s inspirations make this track an absolutely fantastic listen. We highly recommend that you get yourself out to one of their love shows as the performance will be truly energetic and extremely captivating. These guys are ones to watch for sure!


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Steve ‘Boltz’ career in music is an extraordinary story and his music credentials are just as amazing as his guitar skills and vocals. His extensive biography features names of the likes of David Bowie, John Otway, Paul Young, and he even appeared as the role of ‘Spyder’ in the Bob Dylan film “Hearts of Fire.” In 2013, Steve was given the Galaxy Music Award which recognises his lifetime achievements within the music industry. He is a role model and inspiration to up and coming musicians and he more than deserves his place on this week’s Artist of the Week.


 Steve ‘Boltz’ Biography

steve boltz 2.jpg

• 1972 - Steve arrives in London from his home town of Manchester

• 1972 - Joins ATOMIC ROOSTER and records 'Made In England' with Rooster

• 1973 - Leaves ATOMIC ROOSTER

• 1974 - Joins & forms HEADSTONE, a mainstream 20th Century rockgroup with

               Mark Ashton (rare bird) and records albums with HEADSTONE

• 1978 - Plays with the JOE O'DONNELL band and records 'Gaodhal's Vision'

• 1980 - ZAINE GRIFF

• 1980 - Recorded with DAVID BOWIE

• 1981 - Records with Phillip Rambow on 'Jungle Law'

• 1981 - Tours the USA with JOHN OTWAY

• 1981 - Guitar for RICHARD STRANGE on the 'Phenominal Rise of Richard Strange'

• 1982 - Forms THE VAMPIRE BATS FROM LEWISHAM, a real cult band in the 80s!

• 1983 - Joins PAUL YOUNG as guitarist/composer & plays on most of Pauls records

• 1986 - Appears in the role of “Spyder” in the BOB DYLAN film, “Hearts of Fire”

• 1989 - Personally asked by PETE TOWNSEND to help him as a guitarist for THE

               WHO on their live tour of “The Kids are Alright”, including performances of

               “Tommy” with ELTON JOHN, BILLY IDOL & PHIL COLLINS.

• 1991 - Formed his band, 6foot3 and toured the UK.

• 1992 - TV appearances with DONNY OSMOND. Toured with BELINDA CARLISLE.

• 1993 - Recorded and composed ‘ALBION’ with WILLIAM SHELLER

• 1993 - Recorded at Woodstock, New York with JEFFERY GAINES

• 1994 - Recorded an album with LENA FIAGBE

• 1995 - Recorded with SCOTT WALKER

• 1996 - For a number of years, Steve works as a session guitarist

 Present - Steve continues to play live with a variety of bands and as a solo wandering troubadour.  Steve performs live with his band Dead Man's Corner.


Dead Man’s Corner


"Dead Man's Corner will blow your tiny minds with their guitar twanging, desert stomping, psychedelic grooves and surfing riffs...."


Quite simply this statement is true. We first witnessed Steve Boltz and Dead Man’s Corner in a food and drink festival in Canterbury. The weather in typical British fashion let us down and we were all completely soaked through, but this did not stop the atmosphere from booming and DMC provided audiences with an absolutely thrilling performance.  


Upcoming Performances

We enjoyed Steve Boltz and Dead Man’s Corner so much that we asked if they would like to perform at some of the events we are hosting throughout 2019. They accepted our invitation and you can watch them at the following events:

 Masters Event Live at Brands Hatch Race Circuit – 26th May

The Huntsman Pub Rochester - 14th June

The American Speedfest Festival – 1st June

Steve deserves the highest of compliments for his work and we are very honoured to be working alongside such a talent.


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THOMA is the alias of singer songwriter Tom Johnston.  His ambient electro-pop sound has caused ripples within the music scene and received backing from industry professionals. Influenced by the likes of Soul legends such as Whitney Houston, Phil Collins and Luther Van Dross; Tom began writing songs that created a blend of immensely powerful vocals and smooth electro beats. Tom started performing at open mic nights and small pubs and clubs. I was lucky enough to hear him live for the first time at an Open Mic night hosted in Medway.  I was absolutely blown away by his performance then, and it is no surprise that his original material has been met with acclaim and that his following has started to grow rapidly.

 “Serious vocals and so beautiful, that is how you make an impression with your music”

Abbie McCarthy - BBC Introducing Kent

 “THOMA is destined for bigger and better things”

Born Music

“With strong songs and an even stronger voice, THOMA is a true original and is bound for great things”

Art Will Fall

 “‘What Went Wrong‘ really showcases Tom’s incredible vocal range. This man has soul. No question about it.”

Southend Who

 THOMA began recording and releasing various singles and EP’s produced by Rees Greenfield at SS2 Recording in Southend. His first single release was titled ‘Wild Love’ and it began to turn even more heads as it offered something entirely unique.  Here is a live session of the track:

 After the success of his first release he then went on to release ‘What Went Wrong’ and then his debut EP ‘Bouquet.’ The EP was influenced by artists such as Troye Sivan, Oh Wonder, Halsey and NAO. It is no surprise that this received heaps of support from BBC Introducing as the blend of electro-pop and powerful soul vocals instantly entice and captivate listeners.


 Upcoming performances:

thoma sofar sounds.jpg

Tom is multi-talented and not only does he have the ability to write songs but to perform them as well. This lead him to supporting Youth Club’s 2018 tour appearing at 02 Academy Islington and Chinnery’s in Southend. Both of these shows were sold out and lead to further opportunity for Tom to perform for Sofar Sounds in London.  


We have added Thoma to our Spotify playlist and we urge all of you that have not yet listened to Thoma to do so now. Right now! He is a deserved first artist on our Artists of the week feature.