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harico. have burst onto the Birmingham scene with wide influence and a honed dynamic and are turning heads wherever they play. Three flatmates at the University of Birmingham began noodling over demos as soon as they met, and quickly developed a loyal following gigging locally after adding an astrophysicist drummer to the ranks. Their sideways approach to indie music has drawn comparisons to the art rock of Everything Everything with the new wave sensibilities of Depeche Mode and a disco streak that the Bee Gees wouldn’t be ashamed of. Their first EP release with support from MAS records, Bloodline, was met with acclaim and excitement for what the group have in store and earnt them a prestigious slot on the New Street Records roster.

Falsetto vocals, driving bass and dizzying synthesizers are taking harico. in a fresh direction on Curl, and with sophisticated song writing to boot Curl promises to push the guys to the next level, with refined production from New Street’s producer Matt Haddon. Their first release with New Street Records is a tantalising hors d'oeuvre of things to come as harico. look to build on their formidable live reputation with a series of releases. Curl takes an introspective and honest look at individuals making sense of a chaotic and uncertain time for the world, and how we need to overcome the natural ‘cover your eyes and hold your nose’ approach to deal with the problems leaving our world on a knife-edge.

Following the release, harico. have a busy summer planned with slots at ValeFest and Door2Door Festival and plan to get back into the studio as soon as possible.