Highgarden - Artist of The Week

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“Find people and they can be medicine,” explains Richard Moores the frontman of Kent based band Highgarden. Distinguished by atmospheric lifts, innovative layers and formidable vocals, this five-piece from Kent are injecting a healthy dose of originality into their latest release ‘Medicine.’


Highgarden formed when long term friends Richard Moores and Henry Vinson began to perform together as an acoustic duo performing covers. This soon spiralled into a full band with members Tom on bass and Joe on guitar joining and completing the dynamic Highgarden line-up. Their sound today is a long way from an acoustic duo and having 3 guitar parts enabled the band to develop a sound with sublime intricacy.


It is evident that the band encompasses an entire range of musical inspirations that cannot be pinned to a particular artist or genre. Influences from the likes of Biffy Clyro, Snow Patrol and Charlie Simpson spurred vocalist Richard Moores to experiment with layered vocals, while the likes of Oceansize and Gunship lured the guitar parts to delve deeper into diverse textures. The results sound incredible and the self-released track Medicine, produced by long term collaborator and session drummer Will Freed, exemplifies


Medicine explores the depths of mental health and how people can help you to move on and overcome life’s stresses. This is cleverly crafted and written as a progressive movement, “This is most notable when the lyrics develop from, “I don’t know what to do” at the end of the first verse to “girl I know what to do,” explains Richard. Maybe ‘Medicine’ is the soundtrack to a change from a negative to a positive mind-set full of exciting, creative and powerful meaning.

 Highgarden are a band that you need to experience live and they have been taking the Kent live music scene by storm. Your next opportunity is at The Penny Theatre, Canterbury 25th August.

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/4EaKZen9sOYrUaRp2LhyYk?si=oQfGQiUqTeOjafCd3NkpSg