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All on Black- grit your teeth, place your bet, take the risk and conquer the challenge you face. Saints Among us latest EP release takes listeners on an emotive journey characterised by a combination of deep meaningful vocals, huge guitar riffs and an array of scintillating electronic sounds influenced by the likes of Bring Me the Horizon, 30 Seconds To Mars, Chvrches and others alike. This female fronted four-piece from South Yorkshire are consistently wowing crowds with their stadium worthy sound and performances, putting them top of the list for female fronted alternative rock bands within the UK.

Album Artwork

Album Artwork


The intro track for All on Black brilliantly sets the precedent for the rest of the EP, it creates a truly apprehensive sensation as if you are about to conduct a ring walk to battle with something that you have once been scared to face. “The EP is about fighting and overcoming your battles,” explains manager Matt and “the tracks are written in a way where each of us can interpret the message in reflection to our personal situations.” From the very first moment of the EP you know you are in for an inspirational ride and the grand cinematic sound sets the perfect scene.


Kings and Queens  

The intro effortlessly eases into the first track Kings and Queens, which features an emphatic guitar riff and boasts a strong female vocal. Maddy (vocals) has been singing from a young age and draws influence from artist such as Brandon Flowers. (The Killers) “Not just in the way he sings, but his overall stage presence and performance is admirable,” she explains. Perhaps it is the combination of both top class performance and an ability to produce stadium worthy songs that brings this band so close together, whatever it may be, it simply next level. Catchy hooks, riffs and dynamic production make up Kings and Queens and it is no surprise that this is a fan favourite!



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The third track Sorry along with the final track Tears of Gold are beautiful examples of the bands song writing talents. Maddy and Leila focus on the lyrics with a poetic and metaphorical approach while drummer Adam and guitarist Brad hone in on the big cinematic sounds that aims to tell a story through the music. Adam explains that “a huge influence of mine is creating a cinematic feel to our music and that each song on the EP links in to tell a different part of the story.” The clever part we feel is that even though the tracks are told with a raw and personal emotion, the story can mean something totally different from one person to the next.


All on Black

Metaphorically speaking, the title track All on Black emphasises the need to take risks in life, it is a truly inspiring track that features heavy guitar riffs and electro/synth combo that epitomises Saints Among Us. Lead guitarist Brad takes huge influence from Slaves (USA) in creating a full and commanding guitar sound that dynamically drives. All on Black is the perfect title for the message the EP conveys and what a hit it is!


Imagine (interlude)

After All on Black we are presented with an absolutely beautiful interlude titled imagine. It breaks up the EP and although only features as an interlude, it adds so much value. Imagine is currently being turned into a full track and we cannot wait for its release, so keep those ears open.



Another striking track on the EP and once again really expresses the bands creative flair as individuals and as a collective. The depth to the layers and intricate changes deliver a heavier sound in a contrasting calming manner. From the subtlety of the synth to the dark riffs and innocent vocals, Unrequited hosts tons of emotion and the band delivers it with pure excellence.


Tears of Gold – a touching tribute to losing someone close to you. It gracefully concludes the EP and was written to help overcome the emotions attached to grief. Tears of Gold propels from a mesmerising soft sounding track into a raw and powerful ending, perhaps illuminating the process of going through different emotions. However it is interpreted, you cannot argue that with tracks with so much meaning and depth, it is clear as to why the bands fan base is growing and growing.


Do not miss out on seeing Saints Among Us live! The next upcoming shows:

The Night and Day Café – Manchester 12th Nov

Fiddlers Elbow- Camden LDN- 16th Nov.