Jonah Hitchens - ARTIST OF THE WEEK

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Jonah Hitchens is a young musician with an old-school Jazz style that’s sophisticated beyond his years. Home grown in “a place near Exeter”, his youth was spent jamming to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin - but it wasn’t long before he swapped covers for creation. His primary school years were focused less on schoolwork and more on song writing, eager to establish his own musical voice. Now, heavily influenced by his recent studies in Jazz, Hitchens has crafted a unique, soul-infused sound that could be likened to a fusion of Jason Mraz, Leon Bridges and Frank Ocean.

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His new EP ‘Floating’ blends the sound of a slow, cosy, Sunday morning (‘Just the Simple Things/Ballad’) with foot-tapping, sun-kissed, pop soul (‘Let Love Guide You/The Island’). Describing it as a conceptual EP, Jonah’s perception of ‘floating’ is embodied by the laidback, immersive quality to many of the tracks and his contemplation of “the way the mind moves”. Inspired by the idea that our thoughts can be “uncontrollable and sometimes directionless”, this EP emanates the feathery-lightness of a daydream interwoven with romance.

 The final track on the EP, ‘The Island’, is the catchiest and most lively of the collection. A satisfying brew of smooth vocals and groovy guitar licks, let this be the soundtrack to your summer afternoon - drink in hand. Perhaps a nod to his childhood by the sea, this song definitely evokes visions of road trips to sandy beaches. Swirls of jazzy melodies and funky bass give this track an infectious, hip-swaying rhythm that would have even the most reluctant listener bopping along. As a conclusion to the EP, ‘The Island’ leaves us feeling warm, content and wanting to hear more.

 Within the next month, Jonah and his band will be performing the EP via a live YouTube session and releasing the live album on Spotify and iTunes. Be sure to follow ‘Jonah Hitchens Official’ on Facebook for more information, plus gig updates throughout the Summer!

Author: Sian Williams



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harico. have burst onto the Birmingham scene with wide influence and a honed dynamic and are turning heads wherever they play. Three flatmates at the University of Birmingham began noodling over demos as soon as they met, and quickly developed a loyal following gigging locally after adding an astrophysicist drummer to the ranks. Their sideways approach to indie music has drawn comparisons to the art rock of Everything Everything with the new wave sensibilities of Depeche Mode and a disco streak that the Bee Gees wouldn’t be ashamed of. Their first EP release with support from MAS records, Bloodline, was met with acclaim and excitement for what the group have in store and earnt them a prestigious slot on the New Street Records roster.

Falsetto vocals, driving bass and dizzying synthesizers are taking harico. in a fresh direction on Curl, and with sophisticated song writing to boot Curl promises to push the guys to the next level, with refined production from New Street’s producer Matt Haddon. Their first release with New Street Records is a tantalising hors d'oeuvre of things to come as harico. look to build on their formidable live reputation with a series of releases. Curl takes an introspective and honest look at individuals making sense of a chaotic and uncertain time for the world, and how we need to overcome the natural ‘cover your eyes and hold your nose’ approach to deal with the problems leaving our world on a knife-edge.

Following the release, harico. have a busy summer planned with slots at ValeFest and Door2Door Festival and plan to get back into the studio as soon as possible.


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Harry Evans is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Kent. Working with his four-piece band, they have travelled all over the country playing their unique blend of synth pop and indie rock. Heavily inspired by the sounds of the 80s, particularly artists such as David Bowie and Prince, as well as drawing influences from current bands, such as the Pale Waves, St Lucia, and CHVRCHES, the band easily slot into any of your summer playlists.

 Supported by three Ep’s released, as well as riding the wave of their new single, on stage is where Harry Evans and his band find themselves most at home. With a highly energetic live show, and songs easily blending between outright 80s power-pop and synth based indie and alternative tracks, it’s easy to see where the act’s popularity is rising from, become quite accustomed to the London club and small festival circuits around the country.

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 Harry Evans deserves a top spot as our AOTW as his latest single “Where She Falls” is another release that fails to do anything but impress. Catchy vocal hooks, creative guitar licks and alternative 80’s inspirations make this track an absolutely fantastic listen. We highly recommend that you get yourself out to one of their love shows as the performance will be truly energetic and extremely captivating. These guys are ones to watch for sure!