“ I’m just a lost & lonely soul”

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Aid Lewis is a critically acclaimed singer & songwriter from Kent, UK, deeply rooted in the richness of his words of love, truth & Hope.

“Through travel come stories, And through listening comes truth”.

Aid is not afraid to comment on society , and encourages his audience to get lost in the music as well as the moment which has proven to be successful with such a wide demographic that is his fan-base and audience.

“ My brothers & Sisters , Oh! Inflict us with your love”

Aid Lewis recently performed his track "Be You" in a studio session with us earlier this month. His writing and performance are just so inspiring!


The debut album ‘ Empathy & Ecstasy’ tells a story of life’s experiences , that are blissfully and, at time, painfully relatable. The album touches on the joys of love and passion, heartache, laughter, as well as the world in it’s current state. Working closely with Matt Walters at Quince Studios who has worked with just jack, Boy George, Sony and Universal it was no wonder both Aid & Matt brought alive those bedroom songs that were collecting dust and polished them into something that had a huge response and have impacted peoples lives around the world creating hope and a different understanding.

Touring the album last year 2018 Aid started with a full 7 piece band working with some of the best musicians in the industry from all around the world. Filling rooms , Churches , Halls all around Kent, UK.


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Steve ‘Boltz’ career in music is an extraordinary story and his music credentials are just as amazing as his guitar skills and vocals. His extensive biography features names of the likes of David Bowie, John Otway, Paul Young, and he even appeared as the role of ‘Spyder’ in the Bob Dylan film “Hearts of Fire.” In 2013, Steve was given the Galaxy Music Award which recognises his lifetime achievements within the music industry. He is a role model and inspiration to up and coming musicians and he more than deserves his place on this week’s Artist of the Week.


 Steve ‘Boltz’ Biography

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• 1972 - Steve arrives in London from his home town of Manchester

• 1972 - Joins ATOMIC ROOSTER and records 'Made In England' with Rooster

• 1973 - Leaves ATOMIC ROOSTER

• 1974 - Joins & forms HEADSTONE, a mainstream 20th Century rockgroup with

               Mark Ashton (rare bird) and records albums with HEADSTONE

• 1978 - Plays with the JOE O'DONNELL band and records 'Gaodhal's Vision'

• 1980 - ZAINE GRIFF

• 1980 - Recorded with DAVID BOWIE

• 1981 - Records with Phillip Rambow on 'Jungle Law'

• 1981 - Tours the USA with JOHN OTWAY

• 1981 - Guitar for RICHARD STRANGE on the 'Phenominal Rise of Richard Strange'

• 1982 - Forms THE VAMPIRE BATS FROM LEWISHAM, a real cult band in the 80s!

• 1983 - Joins PAUL YOUNG as guitarist/composer & plays on most of Pauls records

• 1986 - Appears in the role of “Spyder” in the BOB DYLAN film, “Hearts of Fire”

• 1989 - Personally asked by PETE TOWNSEND to help him as a guitarist for THE

               WHO on their live tour of “The Kids are Alright”, including performances of

               “Tommy” with ELTON JOHN, BILLY IDOL & PHIL COLLINS.

• 1991 - Formed his band, 6foot3 and toured the UK.

• 1992 - TV appearances with DONNY OSMOND. Toured with BELINDA CARLISLE.

• 1993 - Recorded and composed ‘ALBION’ with WILLIAM SHELLER

• 1993 - Recorded at Woodstock, New York with JEFFERY GAINES

• 1994 - Recorded an album with LENA FIAGBE

• 1995 - Recorded with SCOTT WALKER

• 1996 - For a number of years, Steve works as a session guitarist

 Present - Steve continues to play live with a variety of bands and as a solo wandering troubadour.  Steve performs live with his band Dead Man's Corner.


Dead Man’s Corner


"Dead Man's Corner will blow your tiny minds with their guitar twanging, desert stomping, psychedelic grooves and surfing riffs...."


Quite simply this statement is true. We first witnessed Steve Boltz and Dead Man’s Corner in a food and drink festival in Canterbury. The weather in typical British fashion let us down and we were all completely soaked through, but this did not stop the atmosphere from booming and DMC provided audiences with an absolutely thrilling performance.  


Upcoming Performances

We enjoyed Steve Boltz and Dead Man’s Corner so much that we asked if they would like to perform at some of the events we are hosting throughout 2019. They accepted our invitation and you can watch them at the following events:

 Masters Event Live at Brands Hatch Race Circuit – 26th May

The Huntsman Pub Rochester - 14th June

The American Speedfest Festival – 1st June

Steve deserves the highest of compliments for his work and we are very honoured to be working alongside such a talent.