Harico - Bloodline EP

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Bloodline Ep is the latest release from Birmingham band Harico. The four- piece electronic indie band have really pulled out the stops, if you’re going to do anything today then put these guys on your playlists.

 Dressed up to the Nines

From the off we are hit by iconic chilled indie vibes that set the uplifting tone of the EP. Catchy riffs and crafty developments throughout the track kept me hooked and wondering where the track was going to take me. It has a consistency that indie fans will absolutely adore as it effortlessly encourages you to pop along to it. I can imagine indie fans having to quickly Shazam when it comes on in high-street retailers as we cannot simply listen once.

Piece by Piece

A change of dynamic with this track as the keys spins us into a dreamy spell. We really begin to feel an electronic influence and theatrical performance. The track is a lot shorter than all the others and acts as an interlude that mesmerises and entices audiences deeper into the EP.


Melodic guitars and keys create an atmospheric feel; it’s almost as if this was produced by The Gallagher Brother’s if they actually liked one another. I found Doves to encompass a very inspirational tone. The final section of the track will offer fans a moment to lose themselves in the music and really just let it all out.


Catch Harico live at; The Bristol Pear, Selly oak, December 14th

Grapefruit - ASTR/Colder


Grapefruit are a female-fronted alternative band from Maidstone. I was lucky enough to witness their performance at The Nags Head on 30th November and have since been eagerly anticipating the release of their latest tracks A Swim Through Red and Colder. Grapefruits’ performance instantly turned my head as I was captivated by the deep and intense atmosphere created from the very first note. The new track releases are an absolute treat and they are going straight onto our playlist!


Grapefruit 2.jpg

A Swim Through Red –

ASTR has a superbly intensive depth that gathers an enchanting momentum as it progresses. Melodic breakdowns and clean guitar work propel listeners into a huge emotive finale, that really mesmerises and catches a hold of you. This combined with dark moody vocals, with similar vibes to the likes of Hannah Reid (London Grammar) and Alexandra Savior, charm throughout the track creating a truly exceptional and captivating experience.



Colder holds a similar intensity as ASTR through beautifully constructed layers and drops to kill for. It reminds me of The Antidote era by Foals, only juiced up on a darker and deeper enticement. Colder develops into a whirlwind of attitude and lyrically sounds innocent to begin with, but progresses into an almost murderous tone. Repetition of the lyric “I grow Colder” brings a real aggression to the track and this is reinforced by a dirtier and slightly heavier guitar sound that produces a highly driven finish. I really enjoyed the emotional ties behind this track and I feel the meaning of Colder has been put across to audiences brilliantly.

I highly recommend seeing Grapefruit Live to experience the captivating depth of their performance. I was very impressed with their chemistry on stage and how they all contributed something unique which created a complete performance that will really stick with you. I would not be surprised to see Grapefruit reach real heights.

The next performance:

15th December - The Five Bells - London








Wake Up The People - Tres Kings

Tres Kings 2.jpg

Three hard working lads - Wes King’s guitar and song-writing magic brought to light by Lachlan Fuller on bass and Rhu Fuller behind the sticks.

 Now we are in for a treat with the latest track Wake Up the People from Maidstone based band Tres Kings! Gritty guitar, clever shouty meaningful lyrics and a pumped up drive give a fresh taste of a unique indie sound. The sort of track that fans will absolutely relish in a live environment. Throw your arms around your mate, grab a pint and sing your hearts out. The more I listened the more I felt a concoction of influences from the likes of “old school” Arctic Monkeys, The Fratellis and The Libertines. Lyrically, the track reminds me of Slaves if they did Indie. This said, the track feels new, fresh and entirely original!

tres kings 3.jpg

 We are very impressed from the debut release and we expect to hear a lot more from Tres Kings as we eagerly anticipate their new releases coming in the future. Wake Up the People is a brilliantly constructed track that should be out there on all of your playlists.

Not Telling You - Pacific

Pacific are a Chesire based piano driven band made up of brothers Anthony Orzel – Vocals/Piano and Daniel Orzel – Synths/Bass/Backing Vocals, Dave Bithell – Guitars and Drew Burns – Drums/Percussion.

 They have shared stages with the likes of, Razorlight, Maximo Park, Newton Faulkner, Toploader, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Wheatus, The Hoosiers, Starsailor and many more alike.


 “Not Telling You” is the title of their latest release and we just excited about this track as we are of the prospects for Pacific in the future. The track features that unique Piano/synth sound that Pacific have mastered. This, combined with extremely catchy vocal hooks, propels momentum throughout the track, transpiring a raw passionate drive to audiences. Not Telling You lyrically voices a message of keeping your cards close to your chest. The poker scenes within the music video cleverly support the tracks message and the high energy of the performance ensures the passionate drive is easily visualised, creating that connection that is all so vital.   

We expect to hear big things from Pacific in the future and will not be surprised if they can reach the very top. We cannot wait to catch them live and really experience the band in person.

 Watch them live:

 The Independent – Sunderland 15th Dec

The Salty Dog – Northwich –18th January

Jimmy’s - Manchester (Supporting Modern Strangers) – 08th Feb










Aid Lewis "Love" Music Video Review

The new music video from Aid Lewis “Love” directed by @Sagar_Gaut is out Now! We have been eagerly anticipating the final cut of this video and it was so worth the wait. The track itself has a very embracing feel about it. The vocals are effortlessly flawless and bring out a strong feel good vibe. The catchy melody, raw emotion and smooth progressions grab a hold of you and refuse to let go throughout the entirety of the song. This combined with the music video further draws out the emotional side to the track as we are hit with references of love from the start. The Church performance, the message exchanges between a couple, the candle lit conversations and so on, superbly add to the meaning of love being portrayed in the track. In comparison, I feel there’s an influence from the likes of Damien Rice and in some respects early Ben Howard material, not only because of the clever acoustic work but with its aim to make the audience embrace a particular emotion. The entire performance we feel deserves a huge amount of credit and the production is something to be very proud of. Have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below! If you would like to see Aid Lewis perform live you can catch him at Pizza Express in Maidstone on Thursday 29th November.  

Salvation Jayne EP Review

salvation jayne.jpg

Salvation Jayne’s EP has absolutely blown us away. They have crafted a masterpiece designed to take listeners on an emotional ride at different paces. Each track is sewn together by a darker and deeper meaning presenting the EP as a complete collective bursting with attitude.

Cortez - The first track on the album and we loved how this track is inspired by American Horror Story. It features passionate distorted drive, draws on heavy rock influences and a riff that is going to ensure that crowds are bouncing off the walls at their gigs. Cortez was originally released as a single and featured a brilliantly produced music video.

Juno - The second track on the EP is lyrically ingenious and the flow of the song cleverly develops as you listen. The passionate dense drive really gets a hold of you and the lyrics “get yourself together” followed by “ain’t no love in the mirror” draws out an element of self-reflection. The outro then repeats this phrase but becomes more uplifting changing the emotional tone of the track. Juno is extremely captivating and deserves the highest of praise.

salvation jayne 2.jpg

Black Heart- Shimmering with excellence and more fuzzy drive. Enticing build ups and a belt your heart out chorus will really ignite fans in a live environment. The attitude behind this song is gripping and you will be singing this is your head all day.

Tongue Tied – The melodic guitar combined with a dirty bass fuzz creates a contrast that continues to gain momentum until it opens up to a chorus that sounds BIG. The perfect song to really let yourself go in a live environment.

Next Performance:

salvation jayne 3.jpg

The Priory Hotel Dover

1st December 2019

The Art of Falling – Lyrically touching, the deeper meaning behind the lyric really creates a moving experience for listeners. Toning down the drive, this track really adds a dynamic to the EP. I personally think this song is a dark horse and when listened to carefully I found it develops on from the earlier self-reflection experienced in Juno. The outro of this track is going to force out an incredible live music moment. I found this to be very motivational and a beautifully constructed piece of art.

Juno- Stripped – What a treat this track is. The original Juno meets a chilled RNB track creating an entirely new feel that completely captivates audiences. The moody vibe transforms the song into a magical masterpiece. A very brave choice to add this track but I think it finished off an exceptional EP perfectly.

Sam Simmons - RSN

White Heat - The Blues

The Blues by White Heat – “Flourished with an attitude that refuses to relax”

Sound: Indie/Alt Rock

white heat (2).jpg

The latest track “The Blues” from Maidstone based band White Heat offers layers of musical brilliance through carefully constructed song structure. The track builds from start to finish and is flourished with an attitude that refuses to relax. The melodic vocals and crunchy guitar parts drive the track, while the punchy bass and fat drums provide tight characteristic stops.

Lyrically ingenious, the track takes you to a reflective place as we began to analyse its deeper meaning. The track title and lyrics fit perfectly as it tells a retrospective story of some kind of struggle. The “I will never give it up” phase is the real hook in the song and latches inside your head for hours. Overall, we personally think the track is top quality and holds a lot of value in production and song writing ability. We highly recommend this track, so put it in your playlists and get listening. White Heat are often playing in and around the Maidstone area so get to one of their gigs! You will NOT be disappointed.

Harry Evans Wine Ep

“Driven by a raw emotion that transpires through an exceptional vocal and clean guitar work"

Harry Evans.jpg

80’s pop and traditional indie influences that create an original and fresh fusion that sounds BIG. Harry Evans Band has really developed their latest work into something extraordinary. Full of catchy stops, drops and fast paced driven tracks, the E.P does not let up from start to finish.

The title track of the EP Wine sets the scene for the rest of the album. The track is driven by a raw emotion that transpires through an exceptional vocal and clean guitar work. This is then bolstered and complimented with an 80’s influenced electronic vibe, creating something fresh, truly original and propels an attitude into each track that will hook listeners in. So add this to your playlist. Seriously, you really need to.