White Heat - The Blues

The Blues by White Heat – “Flourished with an attitude that refuses to relax”

Sound: Indie/Alt Rock

white heat (2).jpg

The latest track “The Blues” from Maidstone based band White Heat offers layers of musical brilliance through carefully constructed song structure. The track builds from start to finish and is flourished with an attitude that refuses to relax. The melodic vocals and crunchy guitar parts drive the track, while the punchy bass and fat drums provide tight characteristic stops.

Lyrically ingenious, the track takes you to a reflective place as we began to analyse its deeper meaning. The track title and lyrics fit perfectly as it tells a retrospective story of some kind of struggle. The “I will never give it up” phase is the real hook in the song and latches inside your head for hours. Overall, we personally think the track is top quality and holds a lot of value in production and song writing ability. We highly recommend this track, so put it in your playlists and get listening. White Heat are often playing in and around the Maidstone area so get to one of their gigs! You will NOT be disappointed.