Siobhan Mazzei - Consumed By Chaos

siobhan mazzei.jpg

Succumb to her siren song and Siobhan Mazzei will lure you in to her spell before blasting the very sails from your ship. A singer-songwriter with a penchant for crafting spellbinding grunge, Mazzei is making waves on the alt-rock scene, supporting the likes of Mollie Marriot, The VirginMarys and Broken Witt Rebels.

For a Leicester-based artist, there’s an edge to her voice that’s strikingly Gaelic - an interesting adornment to her fiery, folky sound and a hook for fans of The Cranberries. Her voice, paired with the ferocity of her band who she says “sprinkle fairy dust” on whatever she writes, merge to embody the chaos she declares follows her wherever she goes -the inspiration for her latest EP.

consumed by chaos.jpg

Mazzei grew up in a family of able singers – a musical childhood that would fine-tune her ability to express herself through music. Her EP ‘Consumed by Chaos’ flaunts this skill being comprised of emotionally-charged, gritty yet enchanting stories; stories that are sung in commanding, Celtic tones to thrashing drums and indulgent guitar solos.

The first track ‘Never There’ is somewhat of a nostalgic device - a musical time machine back to the bouncy pop-punk era of the early 2000s. That’s not to say this EP sounds dated, in fact, it cleverly scratches a sentimental itch whilst still sounding new and exciting. ‘What Have I Become’ is slightly darker with an addictive, ever-changing tempo and showcases Mazzei’s impressive vocal ability – flipping from serene to full-on scream (whilst pulling it off!).

The slowest of the collection, ‘I’m Not Scared’ feels like the closing of a chapter and aptly concludes the EP. The pendulum of emotion swings between fragility and power – a manifestation of the main theme throughout ‘Consumed by Chaos’: that behind Mazzei’s mammoth sound is delicate story to be told.

Catch Siobhan Mazzei at The Dog and Moon in Derby on August 16th.