10 Songs to lift your mood

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If I had to write a list of sure-fire things that cheer me up/boost my mood, 95% of it would consist of eating all the sushi/nachos/ice cream and drinking all the Prosecco/cocktails/peanut butter milkshake with my favourite people. Unfortunately, my bank balance (and wannabe-healthy bod) convinces my brain that unless there’s a seriously good reason – it’s Friday/pay day/*insert catastrophic event here* – there’s another avenue to try before devouring my weekly intake of calories and getting stupid drunk… Music.

I’ve got numerous mood-inducing playlists on Spotify that I carefully craft for use in times of need and I thought I’d share with you a little snippet of my feel good playlist!!

♫ Funny kind of life – The Grand Merci

We’re lucky enough to know these talented guys and I promiseeee this isn’t just a cheeky plug on their behalf. The whole EP is fab but this song in particular makes me get a groove on! The other day I was listening to this on the way to work, earphones in, sun shining and it made me wanna strut a little and flick my hair about.

♫ Accidentally in love – Counting Crows

This just makes me ridiculously happy. Maybe because it brings back memories of watching Shrek 2 snuggled up in my duvet! Did anyone else constantly play the Pop Idol DVD feature (Far Far Away Idol!) where Puss in Boots sings ‘These boots are made for walking’? …I used to love that!

♫ I wanna hold your hand – The Beatles

You can’t not smile and bust the classic 60s hip/arm sways when this is on! It fills my little soul with joy – though, most Beatles songs do to be fair! (Yassss I know this song isn’t on either of the albums featured in the blog pic…)

♫ For once in my life – Stevie Wonder

Oooh man – a classic! I dare anyone to listen to this and not feel like they’re capable of taking on the world.

♫ One night in October – Little Comets

I have no idea why more people don’t know about Little Comets but they’re lyrically brill and put on an amazing live show. This song isn’t particularly uplifting content-wise (it’s a lighthearted rendition of a lover’s tiff) but it’s so infectious.

♫ Running on empty – Isaac Gracie

I’m pretty late to the party but I’m obsessed with this song right now. This is such a shower belter! I just love everything about it. The harmonies, the melody, the rhythm. It makes me want to pretend I’m in a music video – a montage of summer romance and being a reckless adolescent haha (shit, I just realised I probably don’t count as an adolescent anymore do I…wow)

♫ Bless this acid house – Kasabian

This song brings back incredible memories for me of being happily sloshed at TRNSMT festival last year. After a few beers, there’s nothing more satisfying than screaming “SHE SAID!” and jumping around like a nutcase

♫ This Charming Man – The Smiths

This song always happens to come on when I’m in the kitchen. It’s the perfect soundtrack to dancing around in your undies making coffee!

♫ Good girls – Crystal Fighters

This’ll always be dear to my heart because Jack introduced it to me when we first met and it became a bit of a thing! However, soppiness aside, there’s something beautifully tropical about the melody. Close your eyes and its steel drums and ukeleles take you to a beach bar in Hawaii !

♫ Go your own way – Fleetwood Mac

I have loved this song for as long as I can remember – my mum has a recording of me singing this in the car when I was around 4 years old! In fact, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this song. A hairbrush mime in the mirror classic…GUARANTEED to put you in a good mood!

I challenge you to try this as a playlist next time you feel a little meh. I’m 99% sure I’ll have you skipping around with new found energy and a pretty smile on your face.

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Author: Sian Williams, 24, Kent