A Musician's Message


It was 2016 and as a musician I began to really feel live music start to struggle. Passionate musicians and empty venues, filled with nothing except a demoralised atmosphere and a sympathetic one man clap after each practiced and perfected song. I often imagine what the world would be like if we could only speak about the past times of musician’s performing live and we only ever heard the same music from the top plugged over and over and over and over again. If venues simply refused to accommodate live music as they can’t afford to do so and so passion, talent, good times, opportunities and so on, all wither away as if they never meant a thing at all. How devastating and the fix is so simple. Support local and live music. Go to the venues, respond to advertisements, buy that ticket, go to the event, try out a new band and have the best time possible. If that is too much to ask then so be it. But, please don’t complain when you want to dance and nothing is going on in your area.

To those venues and music supporters that are out there you keep doing what you are because you are golden and the reason behind the birth of Raw Step Network. Our passion is live music and we strive to create opportunities for musicians. (Oh and we are working musicians ourselves not just an agency looking to make a few quid from music. If we didn’t have bills we would do this for free I can assure you.) To those that looked at the idea like it was crazy, thank you for making us believe it was possible as today we reached a milestone of generating just over £50,000 worth of opportunity for musicians. Something we are truly proud of. We will continue to support and work with venues to create more and more possibilities. Join us in doing so.  

Signed, A working musician.