Looking for a covers band. No pay. Great exposure!

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It was only recently that someone posted a similar caption to our title on an online music forum. The post was met with a wave of musicians very unhappy at the prospect of performing for free. The argument that “exposure does not pay my bills” is a valid one, and we very rarely offer gigs to cover bands without expecting to pay a fee. At the same time, could it be that some gigs are actually worth performing for exposure?  The post and comments got us thinking.

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After filtering through the comments on the post, it became clear that the gig advertised was a small casual charity event close to the organisers’ heart. They did not mean to upset or offend any musicians but genuinely thought that it may be a great opportunity for a band to perform. Although more information could have been given in the post to explain the situation, it seems that some musicians, without finding out any further information, began to react negatively and fire insults at the concept of the suggestion. All proceeds went towards the charity and staff members donated their wages. And so, what could have been a very positive thing for a band became sour.

What if the gig posed a nice little opportunity for musicians just wanting to perform as a bit of fun? If the gig is truly an amateur event as opposed to work offered to professionals, then why shouldn’t it be offered as free for a band to enjoy? This said if the event is of a professional nature and you are not aiming to become a pro musician, then please do not accept the gig, as you will be undercutting pro musicians and expected to perform at a professional standard.

 It may also provide a perfect opportunity for a new band to gain live experience in order to build confidence and get to grips with what to expect working as a pro musician. But, will it provide good exposure? No, seriously check that it will and even then, is there going to be any industry professionals attending or a chance to significantly increase your fan base? If not, then try to negotiate a fee and if you can’t then don’t do it. If yes, then if you are sure, the exposure may benefit the band and be worth doing.  

 What if the event is for a charity you actively wish to support? We would always encourage a fee to be agreed that could perhaps be donated back to the charity if possible. As a musician you should be in control of the amount you are willing to give back. If you do not want to support the charity in question, then you can politely refuse. Musicians Union offers great advice about how to go about this.   


It is also so important that those that are looking to put on gigs do not expect covers bands to just perform for exposure or beer tokens. It seems that frustration stems from the fact that musicians are undervalued when exposure is put forward as the main selling point of a gig. Bands deserve to be paid for their performances, they put in hard work and a lot of practice and effort perfecting their sets for everyone to enjoy. And for some, it is a full time career, so payment in the form of money is essential. So when an advert for a gig crops up advertising ‘no pay great exposure,’ it is understandable that hard working musicians get frustrated and react negatively to these ads. Most live music venues (all the ones we work with) are more than happy to pay bands fairly and that is fantastic. But based on the charity situation mentioned above, it is always worth checking the details before responding negatively; it may just be for a cause that you wish to support or a positive experience for a new band lacking live experience and looking to find their feet in the industry.

Responsibility does lie in both courts and by working together and not taking any musician or venue  for granted then live music can thrive and provide great opportunities for everyone!   


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We believe that the following venues should be recognised for their magnificent efforts to support the music scene. They continuously provide opportunity for musicians to perform and allow music fans to experience some of the best bands around.  We will be adding venues as we go, so if you think a venue deserves to feature then let us know in the comments section below.


The Lighthouse, Deal

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 The Lighthouse is an independent live music venue run by a family team of musicians, artists, designers, sound engineers and expert bar people. The Lighthouse has a fully-equipped stage and sound-system, with a passionate in-house sound team.

The Lighthouse strive to bring you an eclectic mix of music and creative events, hosting amazing artists from around the country and beyond. The majority of our events are free entry, with the occasional special ticketed mid-week show. As well as regular live music, other events include our popular monthly Quiz Night and a growing number of comedy and theatrical shows.



Ok so Sus4sessions aren’t exactly a venue but they deliver some of the best intimate gigs around at secret wood locations and the Westerham Brewery. Last year they had some incredibly talented artists on their line-up and 2019 looks like it is going to be even better. They are all about discovering new talents, and bringing people who love music together in the most beautiful and spectacular settings. This is what it is all about.


The Rock Lodge, Whitstable

  "Old-school, alpine glamour with a contemporary twist, stylish cocktails and a delicious fine dining experience. The Rock Lodge has an authentic alpine feel with a bespoke dining and cocktail menu, set alongside an eclectic mix of the best live music around"

 The Rock Lodge provide so much opportunity for musicians. Their open mind to various music styles ensures that everyone has the chance to perform and experience a different music style. The beautiful setting and friendly staff members make this a phenomenal place to eat drink and get your music fix.


The Huntsman, Rochester

the huntsman.jpg

 The Huntsman is a great place to witness a variety of bands. With music every Friday and every other Sunday, there are lots of opportunities to get out and enjoy live music here. We have recently run our first live originals band showcase and it was great to see so many people come out and support young and up and coming musicians. Various styles of music ensures there will be something for everyone and the dance floor is always packed!