Samuel Ashton - Spreading Light

Samuel Ashton SPreading Light.jpg

"Spreading Light" is the upcoming debut EP by Samuel Ashton, the EP is a culmination of the inspiration derived from the experiences Samuel has gathered after the past few years travelling around the world.

The songs promote a natural way of living taking time to connect with the elements and use that influence to 'spread light' and positivity to the world around you.

The EP takes the listener on a musical journey as many influences can be heard ringing through the catchy melodies and vocal lines, often diverting away from the familiar styles of any set genre with influence coming from cultural stylings that spread far and wide.

Hard work has been put into preparing the EP to be performed live and the all new 5-piece band bring the songs to life in a spectacular way.

It will be an event not to be missed as the full band performs songs from the EP at St Paul's Church, Canterbury on Saturday January 19th.

Make sure to book your tickets soon.

BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE: £7 advance tickets: